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If you’re looking for ideas for a women’s outdoor weekend retreat, we have a few ideas for you. These suggestions will help you get back to nature for a bit, make new friends with other adventurous women, and you’ll feel refreshed and clear-headed at the end of the trip. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned pro who’s been on three-day retreats before, you’re sure to find an idea that you like.

Outdoor Retreat Ideas for Women

The following adventures are popular amongst women in 2022.

1. Attending a Spa Retreat

There are many benefits to attending a spa retreat. You can sleep better after a spa wellness retreat. It will help you relax. Massages help you loosen up your muscles, lower your blood pressure, and maintain a healthy heart rate. According to science, massages may help release serotonin and reduce levels of depression.

They also improve circulation. One in four adults worldwide suffer from high blood pressure, which can harm their health. Blood clots can form and weaken blood vessels in the brain. Massage pushes and drains lymph fluid, lowering blood pressure. Heat from saunas and jacuzzis lowers blood pressure.

Spa treatments also detox the body. The hot tub is a great way to eliminate impurities from your pores. Sweating helps reduce zinc, lead, copper, and nickel levels in your body.

They also boost happiness, which is useful people many people suffer from high stress, anxiety, and depression. Stress negatively impacts immunity, mental health, and well-being, contributing to missed workdays. There’s no better way to relax than at a spa.

2. Renting Out a Private Cottage

Another outdoor experience to try is renting a private cottage. This has several benefits. One benefit is privacy. When on vacation, you want to relax – In a hotel or resort, kids run through the halls, neighbours make noise, and more.

Rentals offer more privacy and tranquility. You can spread out instead of cramming your family into a hotel room. You can each have a private room with double beds, providing privacy when needed. Besides multiple bedrooms, cottages have full kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, decks, patios, and pools with stunning views.

3. Doing Some Horseback Riding

Horseback riding offers many personal growth opportunities. It’s good for your cardiovascular health. A British Horse Society study says horseback riding is a great workout. Megan Hawkins, BHS public relations executive, says trotting exerts more energy than badminton. It also strengthens the core. Your core muscles are activated when you push your legs into your horse’s body for balance and posture. 

It also burns calories. According to Texas A&M University, riding a horse for 45 minutes burns 200 calories. For cutting or reining, it comes to nearly seven calories per minute. Transporting hay and water to the horse’s stall and grooming the horse burn calories.

Riding horses also improves decision-making. Riders continually decide how fast to go, what paths to avoid, and when to stop. That knowledge applies to everything. Finally, horseback riding relaxes you. A horse’s natural movement is calming. You will be in sync when you walk with the horse.

4. Going Mountain Biking

If you’re looking for hobbies that keep you in shape, mountain biking is a great option. It’s a great cardio workout to start. The heart pumps fast when you climb hills or sprint to the finish line to supply oxygen to your muscles. Mountain biking uses several muscles in your legs. Oxygenated blood must flow through these large muscles in your system.

Biking builds strong muscles. Muscles make us look good and keep our bones strong. Every muscle group is used when you ride. Your core muscles are used when flying over rough terrain and climbing tricky ascents to get back to home base. When you maneuver your bike over rocks, logs, and muddy terrain, you’re also strengthening your arms. You use your lower body muscles while pedalling, keeping them toned.

It’s easy on your joints. Bodybuilding, jumping, or running can damage your joints and ligaments. The non-load bearing nature of mountain biking means your joints don’t take such a beating.

It’s a great way to relieve stress. Mountain biking can help you relieve frustration, anxiety, and stress levels. If you have several thoughts running through your head, riding your bike can help clear your head. Instead of listening to your brain, focus on tire placement, picking your line, and avoiding trees and cliffs. After a strenuous, sweaty ride, focus on the here and now.

5. Camping at a National Park

Park camping has many benefits. You have a few lodging options. If a cabin is available, you can rent it, pitch a tent in the wilderness or park your RV at a campground.

Getting outside in nature and exercising can also help reduce depression. You can also reconnect with your circadian rhythms when you sleep under the stars, which is essential to good health. You can also do a digital detox at a campground without cell connectivity. You can use the basic things we all have, like books, sketchbooks, and journals.

Lastly, it develops life skills. Basic needs, such as purifying water, building a fire, surviving the elements, or being alone with your thoughts, must be met by you and your companions. Your survival skills here will give you confidence and self-worth in other areas of your life.

Planning Your Outdoor Retreat

These are just a few options for the best adventures for women. These adventures offer different ways to travel with a purpose. Think about outdoor retreats you’ve wanted to try in the past. If any of them are on this list, do some more research on them and see if you’re at the correct skill level to try them.

November 7, 2022

The Best Outdoor Retreats and Adventure Ideas for Women in 2022

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