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Women have made great strides over the years, but we still have a long way to go before we can say that “we are women, we are free.” In this article, we’ll discuss some of the issues women still deal with regularly, and provide some suggestions on how to overcome them.

Few Women of Color in Leadership Positions

According to Amy Klobuchar, one of the challenges underlying all our program struggles is the continued shortage of women of color in leadership positions. From company boardrooms to the courts and political guidance in the global community, the shortage of women given leadership opportunities hinders progress on issues ranging from pay to gender equality to all types of discrimination. In order for society to advance as a whole, we must first realize that lack of women in leadership roles holds back not only women, but all people

A Patriarchal Society

According to Keisha N. Blain, the greatest challenge women face is patriarchy, especially in political movements. America’s patriarchal nature creates the impression that strong, independent women are less competent and qualified than men.

The unfair coverage of women politicians by the media illustrates this point. Therefore, the US is out of sync with the rest of the world regarding electing a woman president. In contrast to other countries, American women’s achievement is less impressive.

Inequality in education affects women. Despite significant gains in Africa, the Americas, and Asia, many still think women deserve fewer educational opportunities than men receive. Hardship, layout, and other considerations contribute to educational inequality, but patriarchy excuses the inequality. The idea is that men ought to hold power and women must be subordinate in society. At national and international levels, this outdated view fuels inequality in education and other differences along gender lines.

Underrepresentation of Women

Whether it is economics, climate change, criminal justice change, or national security, Kamala Harris says all concerns are women’s issues. Women must make decisions to solve the challenges. Strong women give a unique perspective. Over 100 women ran for office in 2018 and were sworn into the 116th. Our country ranks 75th out of 193 countries for women’s representation in leadership. This is a global problem. Solving the world’s problems requires hearing the views of half the population. Because confidence is beauty, we must keep speaking out for the right of every woman to be heard.

Inequality, Racism, and Sexism

Combining all these things may be too extensive of an answer. Yet it covers both the national and international front. All the personal changes you can make as a determined woman can help you figure out how to find your path

Feminism Centered on Trauma

Despite threats of harm, white women and black women in America enjoy the best health, safety, and opportunities. We do better than white men and black men in a number of ways. Everywhere young ladies are told they are weak, helpless, and at risk. Survivor feminism is taking hold. Instead of equal opportunity with men, it protects from them.

The developing world is different. Women in Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Egypt, and Cambodia experienced sexual oppression. The good news is  there is a mass movement toward educating women. Wajeha Al-Huwaider is considered a role model in Saudi Arabia. A video of her driving a vehicle went viral in 2008. Until recently, Saudi Arabian women couldn’t drive. Her kind of women are changing the laws. Dr. Hawa Abdi, a 71-year-old doctor and lawyer from Somalia, has been described as “equal parts Mother Teresa and Rambo.” Her refugee camp site in Somalia provides a protected space for almost 100,000 refugees, including children. Her leadership has transformed the settlement into a model civilian society. Women in developing countries face daunting challenges. For the first time in history, courageous and resolute women are marching to make systemic change in diverse communities.

Equal Opportunity for All

Some mothers believe education will give their daughters prospects they were denied. Access to education is a constant factor in determining what women achieve. Despite adequate education, American women and women around the world still lack equal opportunities. One independent female quote from Kamala Harris says, “If you can’t sleep at night, how can you dream?”. Without education, how can these women dream of a better future?

Maternal Mortality Rates Are on the Rise

Globally, women face increasing maternal mortality rates. It is estimated that 830 women die every day from preventable pregnancy-related causes. Women of color face even more shocking statistics in developing nations and in the U.S. The most impacted are black women, who die at a rate of 25.1 per 100,000. Black women’s rates didn’t get better from 1980 to 1990, and they aren’t improving much today. They experience higher amounts of anxiety and ostracism due to a racially divided society, making their health worries unrecognized. As a result, people die unnecessarily. Black people need to keep healthy relationships with their doctors to prevent this from happening. 

Normalizing of Misogyny

Misogyny is normalizing and eroding women’s rights backward. The problem begins when a president makes disgusting remarks about women.

Probably the most crucial problem for the global community is encouraging women’s voices. Women and young girls all over face various challenges, from food insecurity to gender-based brutality. We need their viewpoints and experiences to shape our future. To expand peace and safety moving ahead, we must give intelligent, energetic, and powerful women a chance to make decisions domestically and internationally.

These are some of the issues women deal with every day. Once these issues are dealt with, women will truly be free. Until then, we have some work to do.

December 16, 2022

We Are Women We Are Free

we are women we are free