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If you’re looking for new ways to make your next trip meaningful, why not take a volunteer vacation? Volunteer vacations offer a way to vacation with a purpose. Not only will you get to see places you’ve never seen before and meet local people, but you’ll also impact causes you believe in. We’ll describe some volunteer vacation ideas in this article.

Why Should I Go On a Volunteer Vacation?

Volunteer vacations have many benefits. They are a fantastic way to have a life-changing experience and help local communities

Embark on a South African Safari, and Then Become a Wildlife Volunteer

One way to travel with a purpose is to go on a South Africansafari, then volunteer with wildlife. Seeing lions, leopards, black rhinos, African bush elephants, and African buffalos up close is a great adventure for women. Moreover, you can stay at a South African project that protects wildlife and works with it. You can work with monkeys, cats, or other species to gain a better understanding of the problems they face. This is a great chance to help protect them, and you’ll gain a great deal of knowledge and experiences you won’t find just on a safari.

Save the Sea Turtles in Costa Rica After Learning to Surf

One great way to gain solo travel confidence is to learn to surf. You spend all your time at the beach, you’ll make friends around the world, and you’ll have a great time. What better place to ride waves than Costa Rica? No matter your level, you’re sure to find a great spot there.

You can also give back. Surfers inherently love the ocean and understand environmental issues, such as climate change and pollution. Take part in a multi-day service project in Costa Rica to save sea turtles, fish, and other sea life. It’s your chance to make a positive impact on your favorite ecosystem and learn more about sea conservation.

For family volunteer vacations, consider San Jose, Manuel Antonio, or the Pacific Coast. Family members can stay with local families and work with children, eco-agriculture conservation, or construction volunteering. Visit the beaches of Manuel Antonio or the cloud forests of Monteverde. Create fond memories and improve family relationships.

Volunteer With Homeless Animals After Trekking in Nepal

If you’re looking for good ladies-only vacations that don’t involve the whole family, gather a few of your girlfriends and head to Nepal. Nepal has extraordinary mountains and hikes to take. Whether you visit Langtang, Annapurna, or Everest, you’ll be amazed by how beautiful the landscape is and how massive it is. In the Himalayas, hiking with yaks and resting in tearooms provides a sense of calm and grounding.  Discover a different culture and how to survive in this part of the world.

Embark on a new challenge in Kathmandu after your trek. Stray dogs are common in Nepal’s cities. Some are ill, starved, and subjected to cruelty. Local organizations are caring for displaced dogs and spaying or neutering them, hoping to find them new homes locally or internationally. Get involved in giving back to those who love us unconditionally.

Learn How to Preserve Peru’s Amazon

Brazil is home to 60 percent of the Amazon rainforest, but it extends to Peru. In addition to combating climate shift, it is home to 180 indigenous groups. The Amazon has more than 3 million types, making it one of the most biologically diverse regions.

During your vacation, you can volunteer at this wonder of nature. Trek through the rainforest with a wildlife biodiversity tracking organization and record the types you encounter and their coordinates. As a result of your work, conservation policies can be improved, and measures can be taken to prevent deforestation.

Visit and Protect Galapagos Islands

Ecuador is a beautiful destination – among the highlights are the Galapagos Islands. The islands where Darwin created his evolution theory require a boat trip. Discover the wonders of nature as you jump from one island to the next. You may encounter turtles, sharks, seals, and iguanas daily on these islands.

A volunteer stay on any of the islands can add one more beautiful experience to your journey. In addition to seeing island life from a different viewpoint, you’ll also help preserve this unique habitat.

Volunteer Opportunities in South America

If you want a unique women’s outdoor retreat, head to Bolivia. Bolivia has an incredibly diverse geographical landscape. A visit to the jungle, a climb up a mountain, a drive on big salt flats, and strolling through gorgeous cities are all experiences you can have in one country. Bolivia is a great destination for volunteer activities if you enjoy nature.

Bolivia offers many projects to help with jungle wildlife conservation. The more you assist endangered animals, the more you will learn about the country. In addition to learning and exploring the region, you can contribute to it.

Another great South America volunteer vacation for families is in Ecuador. The International Volunteer HQ’s volunteer program in Ecuador has volunteer placements in Quito and the surrounding urban and rural areas about 45 minutes north of the city. It’s considered one of the most beautiful cities in South America but needs volunteers to help with its development. Families can choose from different projects; the top-recommended project is the street children support project. You can explore the Galapagos Islands, colonial towns, and local markets during your free time.

Vacation With a Purpose

These are just a few ways you can travel with a purpose in 2023. Volunteer projects aren’t just a good way to get new travel experiences in the United States and abroad, they’re also a good way to use skills you already have or join service projects that require little training. You find ethical volunteer opportunities if you do your research and plan accordingly.

December 12, 2022

How to Plan a Vacation With Purpose

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