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Outside the window of the plane, I watched a city manifest out of a desert. The Las Vegas strip came into focus, glittering buildings and neon signs acting as the centerpiece of downtown Las Vegas. This was my first time seeing the city, with its iconic landmarks, Caesars Palace, the Bellagio Fountains, the Fabulous Las Vegas Sign, and the Hoover Dam. Known as ‘Sin City’ Las Vegas is filled with entertainment focused on gambling, with most hotels lined with slot machines.

I want to share with you some travel tips – experiences I had at my hotel, reviews of the best restaurants and finds from some of my favorite high-end brands. I did not do any gambling on my trip, but had fun exploring the city and finding ways to stay on track with my healthy habits and routines.

  1. Staying at Encore Suites at Wynn Las Vegas
  2. Taking a Photo at The Fabulous Las Vegas Sign
  3. Dinner at Delilah’s Lounge & Fine Dining
  4. Going to see ‘O’ – Cirque du Soleil
  5. Exploring the Strip on Foot
  6. Shopping at the Fashion Show Mall

Hotel: Encore Suites at Wynn Las Vegas

On this trip, I stayed at The Wynn, one of the many glamorous hotels in Las Vegas. The hotel had the best view of the strip, and a casino on the main level, with several restaurants and upscale shops. The rooms don’t have a fridge or a kettle – keep that in mind if you choose to stay there and want to have some of your own snacks/beverages.

The casino is connected to the mall, where there is a Van Cleef & Arpels, Celine, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Canada Goose, Chanel and Cartier, among other high end brands. I purchased some elegant ballet flats from Chanel and the This is a great place to browse for beautiful pieces to add to your wardrobe, or for general inspiration. There is a delicious cafe called ‘Urth’ in the shopping area – they make creamy, decadent lattes. I bought a bag of their coffee beans to take home with me.

On the lower level of The Wynn there is a fitness complex, spa, and juice/smoothie bar. This was the perfect place for my daily workouts. I also got a massage at their spa, it was a beautiful, refreshing experience. I highly recommend booking a massage here or where you are staying to relax your muscles after travel.

Attraction: The Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

Wearing Chanel flats I found at the Chanel located in The Wynn Hotel

Make sure you drop by this iconic sign for photos on your trip! I took an Uber at around 8:30 am and there was no one there, and no line-up. Keep in mind there may be a line if you go later in the day. The sign is located at the southern end of the city and was installed in 1959. There are staff at the sign who are available to take your photo for free.

Dinner: Delilah’s Lounge & Fine Dining

In the casino area of The Wynn, there is a restaurant called Delilah’s. It is dark, with deep greens and reddish browns. There is a stage with live entertainment – a lead singer with a few dancers. Many celebrities go to this restaurant – a dessert, ‘Kendall’s Slutty Brownie’ was added to the menu for Kendall Jenner. The menu is decadent – it was not easy selecting light and healthy options.

Live Performances: “O” by Cirque du Soleil at The Bellagio

One of the most well-known hotels in Vegas, the Bellagio is home to the performance ‘O’. This show has one-of-a-kind aquatic acrobatics with bold effects and captivating movement. Performers throw one another through the air, 25′ above the ground, from moving ropes. They are fearless, strong and a spectacle – leaving the audience wondering how they do it.

Exploring The Strip: A Beautiful Walk

A healthy way to see the city, is to pop on your sneakers and take a long walk down the strip. I had so much fun exploring this way, and feeling the pulse and energy of the strip. Walking down the strip I took photos of Caesar’s Palace, The Eiffel Tower Restaurant, and other interesting landmarks.

The Fashion Show Mall: The Best Place for Shopping

Across from The Wynn, is the Fashion Mall. It has a Neiman Marcus, Saks, Nordstorm among many more clothing and department stores. This mall has something for everyone.

December 19, 2022

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