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If you’ve ended a relationship, you might not feel ready to start another one. That’s fine. You might be better off becoming a strong, independent woman. We’ll discuss three reasons why becoming a strong, independent woman might be right for you, explain how to be one, and love one.

1. You Want to Be More Self-Reliant

Strong women are self-reliant. They make their own money through hard work. They have healthy relationships with people and were probably independent girls growing up. Gender equality is essential to them, and they can overcome hard times.

They also care for themselves – they get enough sleep, eat healthily, and exercise. This type of person wants to make a better life for themselves and the people they care about, and knows how to get themselves out of bad situations. If you want to be more self-reliant, taking care of your own finances and building better leadership skills are important.

2. You Want to Be In Control of Your Finances

If you have a goal of visiting Paris and staying in a luxury hotel someday or want to own a house incorporating French design, you must be financially responsible. It may be easier if you already understand money. If you don’t, you can read books like “Your Money and Your Brain” by Jason Zweig. In this book, he explains how women and others can use their brains to make money.

One of his main points is to think twice before investing in something with a high return on investment. Consider asking yourself, “Why is this person who knows about this great investment telling others about it?” Also, consider your future financial needs.

3. You Want to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Women

Comparing yourself with other women is easy. We tend to think strong women have everything under control. Many strong independent women started in bad situations and worked hard to become what they are today.

Not being too self-critical as a strong, independent woman is vital. Research shows that overly self-critical women have lower self-esteem. Practice using the quis bono philosophy when you become self-critical. Thinking about the woman you want to be will help you create a strong sense of self-worth.

Women’s new opportunities can threaten men because they may see themselves as losing their place in the social order. That’s why women and men need equal opportunities in the workplace.


1. How can you be a strong independent woman?

You can become an independent woman by doing the following:

  • Spend some time thinking about yourself: Self-reflection takes practice. Using tools like Melissa Ambrosini’s “Mastering Your Mean Girl” book can help you. It is impossible to take charge of your own life until you know who you are.
  • Embrace brutal honesty:  Acknowledge your shortcomings. Understanding your wants and needs, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and learning assertiveness are all important steps to becoming independent.
  • Learn to enjoy being alone: Introverts, this one is for you. Some people thrive in groups, but some people enjoy being alone. You can re-energize, think about your life, and accept yourself for who you are.  You can also use the time to learn new languages or pursue other goals.  It’s easy to rely on others. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy being around others.  Introverts enjoy being around others, but also enjoy being alone.
  • Understand your finances: This is a big factor in being independent. You can’t swipe your credit card frivolously. It is essential to keep track of your income and expenses. It’s not just about not relying on your husband for money. It lets you be confident with your actions. If you have the money, buy what you want but know how much it costs and how you will pay for it.
  • Change your vocabulary. How often do you use negative words when talking about yourself? When others compliment you, how do you respond? Do you thank them or deflect and say something negative about yourself? Confidence and independence are intertwined. A simple way to boost it is to change your self-talk.

2. How do you love a strong independent woman?

What if you love a strong, independent woman? How do you make sure you don’t mess the relationship up? Here are some tips:

  • Chivalry is not dead: Strong, independent women still appreciate chivalrous gestures, so don’t stop doing them – just learn which ones she appreciates. Holding the door for her may offend her, but lending her your jacket may be okay. Ask her what gestures she prefers. If she doesn’t like your chivalrous behavior, don’t get upset – independent women aren’t afraid to speak their minds.
  • She probably doesn’t want to play games: Independent women don’t rely on their partners. They don’t need relationships for validation. They don’t care about games or crushes. They want a trustworthy partner who shares responsibilities equally. You might not be compatible if you’re unfaithful or like to play with your partner’s emotions.
  • Don’t tell her you can do something better than her: Don’t mansplain to an independent woman if you love her. If she didn’t ask you for advice, don’t tell her how to do something just because you can do it too. If she’s fixing a leaky sink, don’t offer an alternative or better method. Ask her if she needs help and respect her answer.
  • Don’t be intimidated: When you date an independent woman, you might feel like you aren’t offering much, but you are. You’re her best friend and support. She can handle the world independently but wants someone to make it memorable. That’s why you’re there. Men may have made more of a financial contribution to a relationship, but today’s man supports his partner holistically.

These are some reasons to become a strong, independent woman, and how to date one. Consider the changes you’ll have to make when deciding whether to take this step. You may have to learn new skills, but it will be worth it in the end because you’ll be more self-reliant.

September 23, 2022

Why Becoming a Strong Independent Women Might Be Right for You

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