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Hi, I'm Shannon

What’s the one thing you do that allows you to clear your mind and decompress? 

For about a year and a half now, I have been making a consistent effort to exercise every day. Whether I’m on a boat, in a city, or rural area, I always have my sneakers at hand. No matter what kind of day I’ve had, or any tough situation I’ve been challenged with, I am able to find solace in a long walk or workout of some form.

When I’m on a trail, letting my feet gently hit the ground, breathing in the sweet perfume of the forest in summer, I am at peace. I release any inner tension, negative thoughts, and energy that does not serve me. I am able to remind myself that I am capable of overcoming adversity and that it is my perseverance that counts. I am able to identify the voice in my mind that fears failure and transform my thought pattern into potential solutions rather than problems.

I think that resilience is one of the key attributes for anyone to be ultimately successful. Life is a learning process, and there is no version of life that does not come along with challenges where you are required to make decisions unique to you. There is a story about a lumberjack in the forest, who is determined to cut a set of logs as quickly as possible. He exerts tremendous amounts of energy, in his fixation on the task at hand. The blade of his ax becomes dull in his efforts – but he doesn’t notice. He is barely effective at this point but continues to swing and swing. It is when we take a step back to sharpen our ax and reframe how we are tackling a goal, that we are able to be more effective. 

It’s easy to become lost in our daily routines and recognize if our choices are really leading us where we want to go. Resetting, and prioritizing ‘the sharpening of our blade’ every day in the way that is most effective for each of us, will help us become more effective and confident in our choices. 

I find freedom in living my life in a way I find logical. When I run I am able to reframe my objectives and look at things in a new way.

Live the life you want to live.


The Independent Blonde

August 12, 2022

Self Care: The Key to Personal Success

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