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The hallways are lined with rows of lockers, the waxy surface of the green speckled floor gleams in the fluorescent lighting. No one knows what direction they are going in, turning painted concrete corners with preconceived notions of what their life should be. Minds are injected with ideas about what it means to be a ‘good member of society’ and what causes are important to dedicate time and energy toward. Contemplating how they can meet these expectations and blend into the painting of the ordered community.

Who is benefitting from the education system? What do we leave with that helps us to make our way in the world? Ultimately, to achieve freedom, we require independence, and the ability to decide how we want to spend our time. To decide for ourselves, what causes we want to dedicate our life energy to. The time we have is finite, and there is only so much life juice contained in the bottle.

Yes, there is uncertainty, but there are also manufactured trajectories. Why are we being exposed to these ideas and taught these behaviours? It is important to think deeply about why you are being led down certain paths and if that is best for you or best for someone else. The definitions and agendas of other groups in society have an influence on your understanding of reality. Receiving education through a left-wing, a public institution in a community with limited financial momentum can shape the lens through which youth view justice and success. The definition of success in this type of community may look like “Work for the government where you will be paid well, have job security, and required to work less and have a more balanced lifestyle”. We are taught to be employed by someone and to seek the best salaries with the least amount of risk. We are taught it is more important to have good grades and an impressive resume than to understand how to manage money and identify investment opportunities. We focus so much time and energy on shrinking and expanding to fit molds that compress us, hindering growth. We are not taught how to identify what is unique to us that defines our skill set and how to use our own comparative advantages to our benefit in society. We are taught to follow rules, behave appropriately and define our values in accordance with the school, and simultaneously with the government. We are pressured into spending years of our life in universities that deplete our financial stability and harvest our youth and time. When we finally complete our degrees and enter the workforce, whether we enjoy our industry or not, we feel pressure to justify the time and energy dedicated towards our education.

What ideas have you agreed with that were imposed on you during your education? Do you feel these ideas are serving your best interest? Your views define the virtual reality that exists in your mind, shaping the life you live and your ability to have the life you want.


The Independent Blonde

August 12, 2022

Quis Bono – Who Benefits?