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While society certainly has a way to go in adequately serving women in the workplaceaddressing discrepancies in wages between women and their male counterparts in the same job title—there are also strides and accomplishments made in the last century worth celebrating.

Evolving societal views are a main reason women have been able to make significant gains in representation in the work force, rising against the factors (and male counterparts) that so often kept them out of the job market. From gender bias and male chauvinism to lack of access to education and expectations to remain in the home for child-rearing, women are working for higher salaries, no longer relegated simply to low-paying jobs.

Who benefits from the increase of women in the workplace? In short: the entire workforce. Women offer a broader source of knowledge, skills and talents to any profession they enter, and force men situated in these professions to question long-held norms and ways of operation.

7 Jobs for Attractive Females

Here are some rewarding career paths, including some of the best paying jobs, for attractive women who are looking to express their inner and outer beauty in professions where they can feel intrinsically and financially rewarded.

1. Medical Professional

With a high concentration of public interaction and a wide range of titles that fall under its title, the “medical professional” career path is filled with options for attractive females. The medical professionals category encompasses those licensed or certified to provide health care. This ranges from chiropractors, physical therapists and physicians to optometrists, podiatrists, psychiatrists and pharmacists.

Depending on the specific path you choose, the medical field could be a sure-fire way to secure a lot of money with a high-paying job that pushes back against gender wage gaps.

If you’re an attractive female who loves to help others, brightening people’s days and making them feel better, a career path in the medical field might just be perfect for you.

Average Salary: $200,000

2. Influencer

As the landscape of social media expands and unfolds, so do the opportunities for an attractive female looking to make a career out of being an influencer. If you’re a creative person with excellent communication skills, a knack for scheduling and presenting content, including videos, photos and original writing, you might want to consider combing you brain and good looks into becoming an influencer on a social media platform.

If you have a specific area you’d like to talk to an audience on your YouTube channel about — perhaps baking cakes, collecting antique books or evaluating French design — you’ll be better aligned to make relationships with sponsors related to your niche.

The ability to work with sponsors to market products means a number of perks — from cold hard cash to products, services and vacations. Work your connections and build your social media following and find out if being an influencer is right for you!

Another bonus of influencing? You can turn it into a high-paying side hustle and a great way to simply add some extra money to your existing income.

Average Salary: $45,000

3. Model

With your poise, physical attractiveness and aesthetic appeal, you may very well have already considered walking the runway. But did you know attractive females who work as models can do a whole lot more than serve up the latest looks at New York Fashion Week? That’s right, as a model you can also get paid for photoshoots, commercials, event hosting and various roles in the entertainment industry, but also to pose with products and at trade shows and conventions. Artists also continually look to models to pose for various pieces of work including sculptures and paintings.

If you’re comfortable being critiqued on your physical appearance, want to work with other beautiful women and other attractive people, modeling is a great career option for you. Just remember to think past the conventional roles of a model and embrace industry events and marketing roles, this career path can be wide-spanning and full of opportunity.

Average Salary: $75,000

4. Flight Attendant

The air travel industry is fast-paced and full of adventure. Attractive females who are friendly, courteous and attentive might enjoy a career as a flight attendant. Flight attendants do more than just serve drinks — this wide-ranging job role actually requires you to conduct important safety procedures, provide information and assistance to ensure passenger safety and comfort, and perform aircraft safety checks before and after flights.

Do you make a great first impression? Would you like to rub elbows with public figures or get paid for visiting Paris? If you’re an attractive woman looking for a career where you get to meet new people every single day while traveling the world, a flight attendant role might be a great match for you.

Average Salary: $60,000

5. Teacher

Your smiling face and welcoming personality may be just what young minds need to learn and develop. Have you considered a career as a teacher? Whether you’d prefer to provide guidance to a classroom of kindergartners or have the opportunity to be a role model to a slightly more adolescent crowd of high schoolers, teaching offers a range of focuses, from age range to subject matter, offering you many ways to make the profession fit your preferences.

The median income of a teacher varies on the state or province they live, and most teaching positions require a bachelor’s degree. But if you’ve got deep-rooted evolutionary instincts to instruct, guide and coach, this might be a very successful career for you. Teachers can make an impact on a student that lasts a lifetime — and they also have excellent job security. 

Average Salary: $64,000

6. Human Resource Executive

Are you a born problem-solver with a knack for mediating disputes among friends? You might want to look into a career as a human resource executive. You’ll work in a company to identify and solve problems with employees, create processes to attract and retain employees and help make sure workers are performing at a high level. Additionally, you can help job seekers get into new positions by assisting with recruiting, posting jobs and performing interviews.

If you like helping others succeed, a career as a human resource executive can offer you a great deal of satisfaction.

Average Salary: $110,000

7. Journalist

Average Salary: $75,000

If you’ve got a naturally-inquisitive mind and love to ask questions, journalism might be the answer for you. Journalists perform interviews and research, then write and edit content for publication.

Journalism can be a fast-paced career path with plenty of travel opportunities. If you’re an attractive female who can converse easily with others, you might want to consider this vocation.

Perhaps Audrey Hepburn said it best in that the true beauty of a woman is reflected in her soul. Here’s hoping all you beautiful women out there seeking a way to utilize your attractiveness and excellent interpersonal skills are able to find a career that fills you with joy, gives you a work-life balance, and reflects the beauty in your soul.

September 26, 2022

7 Jobs for Attractive Females Who Want to Earn More Money

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