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If you’re a determined woman, you might wonder how do you get a man to cherish you. There are a few practical ways you can get a man to cherish you. We’ll cover these in this article. 

6 Ways to Get a Man to Cherish You

Getting a man to cherish you is all about making him feel special. Here are 6 ways you can do that.

1. Compliment Him

Why do people think that only women like to be told how beautiful they are, how good they smell, are gorgeous, intelligent, or are a lady of style? Males are perceived as more confident than females. Women think guys don’t care about clothes or hairstyles. That’s totally wrong. Just like you work on healthy habits for women so you can look good for them, guys care about whether their partner finds them attractive.

Tell him whenever you feel that tingle. Share the good stuff when you think about it. Comment on his old tee shirt. Hug him and tell him you love his neck.

2. Express Your Gratitude

If he has a job outside the home, thank him for his hard work. Although he may love his job, there are probably days he wants to quit, tell off his boss, or hide away all day. Nevertheless, he needs his job to support his family.

A breadwinner’s responsibilities are huge, emphasized even more by society for men. Our society often links earning ability to value. This puts men under much pressure.

You also benefit if he works from home. Despite his enjoyment of being a stay-at-home parent, all parents have moments when they want to give up. However, they do not.

Tell him you understand the difficulty of what he does. Let him know you appreciate his commitment. You’re not doing this for the money – either yours or his. You’re doing it to acknowledge something society usually ignores.

3. Support His Time Alone

Some women find this hard. They dislike the amount of time men spend riding mountain bikes or surfing. While working, you may not see much of each other and feel cast aside. Stressing him out isn’t fair. Take advantage of his support for your need to write or participate in women’s wellness activities.

Separation is a good thing unless they’re completely absorbed in their alone time, that they forget about you. Set a time for him to return and make plans for later if you’re worried. It may be hard the first time. The second time around, you’ll probably know what to do when he needs some alone time. Being apart gives you time to press the reset button figuratively and more to discuss later. A little alone time will probably make him healthier and happier.

4. Put Down Your Phone

It’s easy to get lost in your phone. While cell phones haven’t been linked to health problems, excessive use can damage relationships. There’s yet another email, text, or urgent work matter coming up. Look at him instead of the phone.

When you have a hard time with these healthy habits for women, consider what might happen if you ignore your buzzing phone. He’ll understand if it’s an emergency, but many things can wait.

Look at your man’s face when you put down your phone. Think about the man you love, the one you met so long ago, and wonder why you aren’t spending time with him.

If you must answer the phone, tell the other person the reason in a couple of words. “There’s a problem with  the server,” or “My sitter is calling,” are legitimate excuses, but tell them when you’re back.

5. Buy Him a Thoughtful Gift

Whenever you get coffee, give him a cup too. If he doesn’t drink coffee, get him something he will like. If you see a t-shirt you like for yourself, get him one you think he’ll like too. This isn’t about the money, it’s about showing them you care. Just ask, and the ripple will spread infinitely. 

6. Take a Look at His Eyes

Don’t stare lovingly at each other like you did with your high school love at the roller skating rink. Spend a moment looking at each other, face to face.

Based on stereotypes, you wouldn’t expect him to enjoy soul-gazing, but give it a try sometime. Smile at him while holding his gaze for three seconds. The technique works for singles since it makes them feel like they are the only ones in the room. Even though he’s the man you love, he deserves to be treated as special. Observe him, smile, and repeat.

Cherish Him and He Will Cherish You

These are just a few ways to get a man to love you more. If you start taking these small steps, your man will cherish you more than you could imagine, and you’ll avoid any serious issues in your relationship.  

November 11, 2022

How to Get a Man to Cherish and Love You

how do you get a man to cherish you