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Good health is more important than ever. According to a report from PAHO, the COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately impacted women in the Americas. This has contributed to gender inequality and inequality in health, and threatened women’s development and well-being. Luckily, it’s not hard to stay in shape – there are a lot of fun hobbies women can take up that keep them in shape in their leisure time.

5 Habits That Keep You in Shape

1. Dancing

Dancing won’t be a workout when you enjoy it. You can expect pure fun. When you dance, you use a greater number of muscles than when you do regular exercise. When you put on your dancing shoes and get out on the dance floor with friends or family, you burn fat and strengthen your muscles. Purchase dance videos or take a dance class.

2. Yoga

If you think yoga sounds too “new age,” ask yourself who do you want to be – an adventurous person or someone who does the same things constantly?

Yoga is excellent for fitness with arm balancing and poses like Downward Facing Dog and Plank Pose. Lifting your body weight naturally strengthens your muscles and bones. It also encourages long holds, which promote better stamina. Yoga is also good for mental health because it emphasizes breathing practices and meditation. Find out if a yoga studio or instructor exists in your area and start your fitness journey.

3. Cooking

If you want to get into jobs for attractive females, cooking might be a good hobby. Cooking helps keep you in shape because it challenges you to explore new healthy recipes and cooking methods.  Learning new, lower-calorie recipes helps you lose weight and improves your self-image.

Some tips for learning how to cook include:

Cook all the time – You can improve your cooking skills by cooking constantly. If you think you cook poorly, you don’t cook enough. You’ll improve your skills if you cook three times a week.

The first time you cook, take it easy – A hard dish will result in a messy kitchen, and you won’t want to cook again.

Make something delicious – You’ll cook more often if you make delicious foods. Think homemade pizza or cheesy lasagna. You’ll enjoy cooking again if you make foods, you like and you’ll receive praise for it.

Don’t be afraid to experiment – Try new ingredients next time you go grocery shopping. Instead of pre-made foods, get interesting oils, exotic veggies, and fresh fruits. Then go home and experiment. You’ll eventually be able to cook without a recipe.

Start with a cookbook – If the previous tip scares you, then use a cookbook for now. Try preparing as many recipes as you can from it. Your skills will improve by the end.

Read the recipe first – You wouldn’t assemble Ikea furniture without reading the directions first, so don’t make a recipe without reading it. According to, this will help you avoid problems.

Prepare the ingredients – Gather the ingredients before turning on the stove. You should even chop everything ahead of time. Then you won’t have to strain to cut onions while the skillet sizzles.

Buy some kitchen tools – Invest in real kitchen implements, including sharp knives. After using a properly sharpened knife, you’ll realize how important it is to use the right tool.

Invest in cooking staples – Ingredients such as spices, oils, and tools require an initial investment. In the long run, these will save you money on your cooking adventures. Spending time and money on essential cooking ingredients, like spices, flour, and sugar, will make grocery shopping less difficult since only fresh perishables will be needed.

Look up techniques online – When cutting things, there are proper and improper ways to do it. Since good cooking is all about efficiency, the right way usually wins. Luckily, all of these techniques can be looked up online.

Relax – The number one thing to remember when cooking is to stay relaxed. After all, a composed cook is an efficient cook who doesn’t panic when things get hot.

4. Hiking

A study of elderly patients with essential hypertension found that those who added regular brisk walking three times a week for 12 weeks reduced their blood pressure by 22.6mmHg. The amount it went down varied with how fast they walked.

If you want to become a strong, independent woman, hiking is a great way to do it. It is physically demanding to hike in a local park with a 30-pound backpack on your back. Sometimes it’s so enjoyable that you hardly notice how far you’ve walked. Shifting your weight and balancing your body engages you and gives you a great workout. A hiker’s calves, hamstrings, glutes, and quads are strong. The soft trails make it gentle on your joints, making it a good workout for fitness.

5. Gym

Reducing spending is one of the best ways to improve personal finance for women, so if you can’t afford a gym membership, don’t buy one. Other healthy hobbies mentioned in this article don’t require a gym membership. You can watch videos for some of them, like yoga, cooking, and dancing; hiking is best experienced outside.

If you can afford a gym membership, join one. Joining a gym has many benefits. You can work out with strength training machines. You can also exercise your upper body, lower body or whole body.

You can also join different types of gyms. Yoga enthusiasts can join a yoga studio. If you like indoor rock climbing, a rock-climbing gym is a great place to get a workout.

One of my favorite independent female quotes is, “A strong woman knows she has strength enough for the journey, but a woman of strength knows it is the journey where she will become strong.” If you include these hobbies that will keep you in shape in your daily life, you’ll start feeling good again – you’ll lose weight,  have more energy, improve your physical health and overall health and feel more motivated to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

October 3, 2022

5 Hobbies That Make Being Fit Easy

hobbies that keep you in shape