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Readers of The Independent Blonde know the value found in following the right Instagram accounts. Really…they know that the time they spend on Instagram is fun, and personalized to their liking. They create their own fashion magazine with outfit ideas and learn how to wear clothes in different ways from content creators all over the world. They know what is classy and what doesn’t just look good in the photo, but will look amazing on them in real life. They use social media to have fun and be creative.

We are a tight circle of confident women. The women who are always getting compliments on their outfits everywhere they go. The women who are being gazed after longingly and could care less because they are focused on more important things.

There are a few creators on the gram that I wanted to chat with you about. I think they rock it with quick reels and snaps that leave a vision in your mind and get the creative juices flowing. The other great part is, looking hot and turning heads doesn’t need to cost a fortune. If you know the secret sauce, you know it’s not expensive. But it does take the desire to really want it. If you are looking to spice things up and take your beauty routines to another level, checkout my free e-book “How to Be Healthier, Prettier, and Happier in 30 Minutes“. I got you on this one.

1 @Whatemwore

Emma is based in Manchester, United Kingdom. She previously worked as an accountant before transitioning into the content creation space. If you follow her, you know she’s a girl who kills her habit routines. She exercises consistently and eats clean, making sure she doesn’t forget to take care of her health (this is the real key). She is a successful influencer who was able to leave her 9-5 job to be a full-time content creator.

Her content is about a real, everyday girl, showing you what she wears throughout a given week. Do these outfits cost thousands of dollars? Is she decked out in designer? Absolutely not. Because that’s not the secret sauce. Is she wearing stuff that fits and matches? Heck yeah.

Many of Emma’s reels show her getting dressed in clothes from stores like Zara. There might be one or two designer pieces in her average outfit but she’s certainly not decked out in designer. If you take a scroll through her page, you will see that most of her content is taken in front of her mirror in the same location – she’s giving you exactly what she says in her bio, daily outfit inspiration.

Emma guides her audience through each step of putting together a look and provides viewers with a link to Shop LTK, where her outfits are broken down into specific products you can purchase. Not only is Emma great to follow for classic outfit ideas, if you are a content creator she is an awesome inspiration for making quality, consistent content.

2 @Reginaperedog

Regina is based in Mexico, but is often traveling for various brand collaborations and modeling work. She creates reels walking you through how she gets ready for events. She showcases brands such as Shein, Zara, H&M and Revolve in her outfit inspiration content.

Regina’s content is pretty consistent and outfits usually have a pop of colour. Her main content pillars are fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. The majority of her content is reels – this is useful to get a ‘live feeling’ of a look. If you are in the content creation space, following Regina is a great way to get new ideas for fashion-related content. She has had success with building an audience in the fashion space – with a current following of 456k. The other helpful part of adding her to your feed is that she has discount codes for a lot of the stores she creates content for.

The downside – some of her captions are in Spanish so that can be a bit confusing. Give Regina a follow if you are looking for more ideas for a new look!

3 @theminimalselection

This is one of my favorite accounts to follow – it is a selection of outfits for neutral-style lovers. This account pulls content submitted by many fashion influencers, showcasing their creative work. They have a highlight on their page with different fashion influencers’ feeds that you may be interested in as well as instructions on how to be featured on their page.

The account shows styles for city street trench coat looks, black leather jackets, and the best travel outfits. It is great style inspiration if you love the minimal aesthetic. This account brings together a community of people who love classic, timeless fashion from different parts of the world. The content highlights pieces that make quality closet staples and allows for an easy way to get an understanding of how to maintain a consistent look.

4 @ootdmagazine

OOTD Magazine is a community surrounded around the question, ‘What to wear?’ with a following of 4 million and their own presets for photo filters. They give their audience a mix of everything – hair tutorials, denim jackets, date night looks, work events looks, holiday outfits, floral patterns, cute beach outfits. Their account is a perfect tool to find your next great outfit.

They also show unique beauty hacks to help you look like your best self for special occasions. Submitting content to OOTD Magazine is a great way to get exposure on your feed and grow your following. In their feed, they showcase makeup tutorials from celebrities and capture beautiful moments where fashion and style is amplified.

5 @cassdimicco

Cass Dimicco is a designer and founder of Aureum – she originally worked as an assistant buyer for a department store and then became a full-time influencer in 2017. In 2019 she launched her brand Aureum. Meaning ‘golden’ in Latin, the brand was created around the feeling of warmth and luxury.

Cass creates gorgeous content, sharing thoughtful and flattering outfits with her audience. She links amazon finds in her stories, as well as other brands, helping you to improve your style and get more ideas. Many of her looks showcase a killer pair of heels and there is never an event where she doesn’t have a fabulous outfit.

Cass and her husband, who founded Aureum with her, live in Miami and run their business from there. Cass is a great inspiration and role model for entrepreneurs in the fashion and design space. Cass’s style is elegant, with timeless pieces complimented by her jewelry line.

January 8, 2023

Cute Outfits Inspiration from Instagram