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There’s no better way to improve your own aesthetic than by exposing yourself to daily inspiration. Learning about trends in fashion and finding new favorite brands will improve your look and sense of style. Especially if you feel like you don’t know how to dress. Read more to learn about some of the beautiful blonde women on social media who share their personal style and use Instagram as a creative outlet – here are some of the best to follow:

1. Chiara Ferragni – @chiaraferragni

Chiara Ferrangi featured in The Cut.


  • Chiara Ferrangi has an Instagram account with a following of 28.1 million and is the founder of several businesses in the fashion industry, including the blog, ‘The Blonde Salad’. When Chiara was 16, she began working as a model for an agency in Milan.
  • Following her work as a model, she founded her blog, her hard work on this project leading her to creation of her own personal brand, @chiaraferragnibrand. Chiara is an entreprenurial powerhouse, converting her following on multiple social media platforms into revenue. She successfully captured the attention of millions of people with her delicate features, blonde locks, bright blue eyes and lifestyle.

Her Style

Chiara works accessories such as the black crocodile skin Hermes bag with gold Cartier bracelets into her outfits, tying together extravagant looks worn throughout Milan. She can also be seen in other luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton.

Follow Chiara for jaw dropping content and beautiful scenery from top destinations across the globe.

2. Claire Rose – @clairerose

Claire Rose featured in a campaign with La Bouche Rouge Paris


  • Claire is a blonde global fashion influencer and model who lives in Monaco, London and New York City. Originally from Amsterdam, Claire started her journey in the fashion industry by studying at the London College of Fashion.
  • She later moved back to Amsterdam to complete a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Textiles & Technology at The Amsterdam Fashion Institute. After finishing her degree, Claire went on to start an internship in New York.
  • Today she travels globally with her husband, working with brands such as Dior, Vogue, and Burberry, sharing snaps of her lifestyle with her Instagram followers.

Her Style

Claire’s style is elegant and sophisticated. She carefully layers high quality pieces, resulting in a timeless, chic look. Her outfits are often worn in the city streets of Europe, with architectural sandstone and detailed historical facades as the backdrop. Outfits consist of neutral earth colored tones that emulate a luxurious and minimalistic energy. Claire is known for her trendy sunnies that allows her look to pop, along with sporting designer handbags from Chanel, Hermes, Dior, and Saint Laurent. Her style sends the message that she is a confident, thoughtful, and successful woman. Claire is also an entrepreneur and strategically identifies new business opportunities and partnerships to accelerate her brand and add value to the marketplace.

Follow Claire to see beautiful pieces and learn new ways to style yourself and revamp your closet.

3. Andas Life – @andaslife

Photo from @andaslife


  • Anda is a certified stylist and color analyst – she studied at istitutomarangoni, a renowned fashion school originating in Milan. She now lives in Dubai. Prior to pursuing fashion, Anda led a successful career in finance and business.
  • Anda creates thoughtful videos, showcasing quality pieces and providing viewers with advise on how to flatter your shape, plan an outfit for a special occasion, and how to avoid fashion faux pas. Many of Anda’s quick lessons are shot in her beautifully manicured closet with an array of classic designer handbags.

Her Style

Anda’s style is elegant and feminine with neutral shades. Anda dresses conservatively and teaches viewers to pair oversized pieces with fitted pieces to balance a look. She also advocates for selecting high quality fabrics and teaches you how to determine the quality of a material yourself. Anda sends the message that style is individual for everyone, and should be used as a tool to send a message to the world. She also shares with readers how important the way you are perceived by others is in your daily interactions, and that being perceived as capable and confident is key to your success.

Follow Anda for more insight on how to achieve an elegant and feminine look and for entertaining content on your Instagram feed.

4. Emily Wedel – @emily_wdel

Photo from @Emily_wdel on Instagram


  • Emily Wedel, based in Germany, creates detailed videos showcasing herself getting dressed, and shares curated looks with viewers. Emily’s closet is organized and photogenic – offering an inspiration to other content creators with its visual appeal and clean look.

Her Style

The majority of Emily’s content is filmed with her closet as a backdrop, allowing for a consist energy and color scheme on her Instagram page. She shares detailed shots of each accessory that is layered into her final creation. Her outfits are classic and elegant with soft creamy whites, tans, and other neutral tones. She shares seasonal inspiration with viewers as well as her own personal beauty routines. Many of Emily’s outfits are complimented with designer handbags from brands such as Saint Laurent, and Louis Vuitton. Emily sets an example of selecting pieces that flatter the figure and accent natural skin and hair tones.

Follow Emily to see inside her closet and learn about new outfit combinations.

5. Marine Diet – @Marine_Diet

@Marine_Diet posing outside Louvre Rivoli – photo from Instagram


Marine is a Parisian influencer with The Digital Prototype, and shares french inspired outfits with pieces from brands such as Celine, Bottega Veneta, Dior, Jacquemus, and Hermes. See her gorgeous red lipstick profile photo on Instagram.

Her Style

Marine sports iconic pieces with blazers and other neutral toned clothing while posing against the cityscape, outside the Louvre, and other Parisian scenes.

Follow Marine for classic Parisian street style and the best locations in Paris to shoot content.

6. Rebecca Jackson – @rebecca_jackson

Photo from @rebecca_jackson on Instagram


Rebecca Jackson is an influencer represented by Muse. The Agency in Manchester, The United Kingdom. Rebecca shares snaps in unique locations posing for her audience – a following of 185k on Instagram.

Her Style

Rebecca has a sleek blonde bob and can be seen wearing long trench coats, trendy sneakers and oversized sweaters. Rebecca frequently works a tight bun into her look, or leaves her hair straightened to perfection. Her outfits pop against her tan skin and toned figure. She is a coffee lover – sharing content from beautiful cafes, sipping hot beverages with good friends. Rebecca styles bags from Jacquemus and Prada, elegantly working them into her overall aesthetic.

Follow Rebecca for more gorgeous and put-together content.

October 29, 2022

The Best Blonde Fashion Bloggers To Follow on Instagram