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Cute Outfits Inspiration from Instagram

Readers of The Independent Blonde know the value found in following the right Instagram accounts. Really…they know that the time they spend on Instagram is fun, and personalized to their liking. They create their own fashion magazine with outfit ideas and learn how to wear clothes in different ways from content creators all over the […]


The Ultimate Guide to Las Vegas – When You Aren’t Into Clubs

Outside the window of the plane, I watched a city manifest out of a desert. The Las Vegas strip came into focus, glittering buildings and neon signs acting as the centerpiece of downtown Las Vegas. This was my first time seeing the city, with its iconic landmarks, Caesars Palace, the Bellagio Fountains, the Fabulous Las […]

Finding Your Path

We Are Women We Are Free

Women have made great strides over the years, but we still have a long way to go before we can say that “we are women, we are free.” In this article, we’ll …

we are women we are free


How to Become a More Adventurous Woman

If you’ve always wanted to be a more adventurous woman, you might wonder how. The good news is that it is easy if you take a few steps and change your …

adventurous woman


How to Plan a Vacation With Purpose

If you’re looking for new ways to make your next trip meaningful, why not take a volunteer vacation? Volunteer vacations offer a way to vacation with a …

vacation with purpose

Finding Your Path

15 Inspirational Quotes for Freeing Your Spirit

Check out these inspirational quotes if you need some inspiration to free your spirit. These quotes come from both men and women and are the best quotes to …

free woman quotes

Self Care has become key to my personal success. I make a consistent effort to listen to my body and mind’s needs every day.

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Self Care: The Key to Personal Success

My parents prescribed a conventional life for me: A life of fitting in with everyone else and not questioning the world around me. My life was probably just like yours, in fact: A life where I was always the prisoner to someone else’s agenda. I was a civil engineer working for a large firm and had no freedom over my schedule or location.

I made the decision that I wanted to pursue a different life. One that brought me more joy and freedom. I look forward to sharing more about my journey with you and helping you confidently navigate your path in life.

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