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If you’re looking for a career but are not sure how to find your path, consider careers that pay well, are in high demand, and have a positive job outlooks for the next 10 years. This article discusses the best careers for women, including information about each one educational requirements, the average salary for women in the United States, and the job outlook for the next ten years.

How Do Women Feel About Their Careers?

A study by Monash University surveyed over 1,300 young women and found that a large portion of women believed their career choices reflected their strengths and interests and who they were as a person. Although women tend to do well in choosing career destinations, there’s a consensus that the pay gap is still too large.

Although the gender pay gap has gone down over the last 47 years, it still exists. If you want to overcome it and feel like you’re being treated as an equal, getting a good education is a great starting point. Consider one of the following fast-growing fields with a less likelihood of gender bias.

The 9 Best Careers for Women

1. Nurse Practitioner

Women interested in healthcare should consider this job because of the high salary. Nurse practitioners need a lot of education. NPS earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing as an undergraduate college student, obtain a nursing license, pursue a master’s or doctoral degree program, and pass the NP board exam.

Being a nurse practitioner is a high-paying job for women, as the average salary is $111,733. Over the next ten years, job growth is expected to be much faster than average.  

2. Software Developer

Software developers create programs based on user requirements. Often, they write code to improve existing applications. Their degree is in computers and information technology or a related field.

Software developers make the list of high-paying careers for women, with an average salary of $96,460 in 2021. Jobs are expected to grow much faster than average in the next decade.

3. Management Analysts

Management analysts improve businesses by analyzing operations to increase profits and efficiency. Most have bachelor’s degrees, but some prefer master’s degrees.

You can study anything, including business, social science, or engineering. Female management analysts earned $69,804 in 2021. Over the next decade, jobs are expected to grow faster than average.

4. Physician Assistants

PAs do many of the same things doctors do. They diagnose, treat, and prescribe medications. They refer complex cases to physicians, surgeons, or other specialists, have a master’s degree with clinical rotations, and many career options.

Locum tenens work is another way to help overworked PAs and have a flexible schedule. Telehealth and home healthcare are also possible career paths.

Physician assistants earned $98,956 on average in 2021, making it one of the highest-paying jobs for women. In the next ten years, jobs are expected to grow faster than average.

5. Physical Therapists

Physical therapists help people with physical or neurological injuries. Rehabilitation increases mobility and strength and relieves pain. Also, patients and their families need guidance on the recovery process. They work in hospitals, clinics, and sometimes private practice.

They have DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) degrees. The median annual earnings for female physical therapists were $91,010 in 2021. Over the next ten years, jobs are expected to grow faster than average.

6. Civil Engineers

When you dream of being a civil engineer but disregard it because the job seems “too masculine,” ask yourself, who do you want to bea determined woman who follows their dreams or one who follows their gender?

Civil engineers build, supervise, and maintain all aspects of the built environment such as tunnels, roads, and bridges. They work in both the built and natural environments. Their undergraduate degree is in Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering Technology, or Construction. This could be a bachelor’s or an associate’s degree. The job offers a great work-life balance; you may occasionally have to work long hours if a deadline is approaching, but the average week is 40 hours. Female civil engineers earned $88,570 in 2021.  Jobs are expected to grow as fast as average.

7. Information Systems Managers

Information systems managers coordinate, implement and manage computer projects. They can work for technology firms, governments, and schools. Most have bachelor’s degrees, but some have master’s degrees. Female information systems managers earned $99,216 in 2021. Jobs are projected to grow faster than average over the next ten years.

8. Public Relations

If you want to get into jobs for attractive females, try public relations. Public relations specialists work in schools, with media buyers, and with professional associations. In addition, they give speeches, attend meetings, and travel occasionally. A bachelor’s degree is usually required.

Female public relations specialists earned $62,800 per year in 2021. Job growth is expected in the next ten years.

9. Human Resources Managers

Human resources managers handle employee relations, staffing, and development, and follow employment laws. Most companies require bachelor’s degrees, but some require master’s degrees. Women in human resources management earned an average of $80,340 in 2021, and the job outlook is good.

The Best Careers for Women

That’s what you need to know about some of the best careers for women. As you consider which career you want to pursue, think about what you’re interested in first. Then consider the amount of money you want to make once you’ve established yourself in the career and how much schooling you’ll need to complete to learn the basics and keep. Once you’ve considered all these things, you’re sure to find a career path right for you from one of these best careers for women.

November 2, 2022

What Are the Best Careers for Women?

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