Everyone notices her.

Everyone remembers her.

Everyone wishes they were her.

You know that woman. Sure, maybe you've only seen her at a distance, but you know her. You might even know her well - maybe she's your best friend or your sister. Or your mom. Sometimes she has dark hair, sometimes its a splash of freckles or warm brown eyes. It's not about her features, she is captivating with her energy and inner light.

Your Guide To Become Your Best Self

why beautiful women have better lives

Exclusive Guide With Everything You Need To Become Your Best Self

become the light in the room


  • Feel balanced and nourished after eating to optimize energy levels and have a lean body
  • Have glowing, youthful skin, appearing rested and vibrant
  • Maintain a fit, toned body
  • Manage stress and stay on track with your goals

You are in the                   and you are responsible for making decisions in your own best interest. 

Driver's seat

My parents prescribed a conventional life for me: a life of fitting in with everyone else and not questioning the world around me. My life was probably just like yours, a life where I was always the prisoner to someone else’s agenda. 

I made the decision that I wanted to pursue a different life. One that brought me more joy and freedom. I look forward to sharing more about my journey with you and providing you with advice to be the best version of yourself.

The Story and Message Behind the Free-thinking Blonde

Welcome to the Independent Blonde Community

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elegant style

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The life I thought was assigned to me is no longer mine. I have found love, freedom, and no longer prisoner to someone else's agenda.

finding your path

Not a dream: you can have the life you want

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